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Sanity Saver: Teddy Bear Picnic

The weather is finally getting nicer, so who is ready for an outside picnic? This activity can take place with your child(ren) in your favorite outdoor or indoor spot. A healthy snack and some bear ears will help transport your child’s imagination for some endless fun! Grab your favorite furry friend and a blanket to set the stage for a delightful afternoon!

Sanity Savers: make your own sock puppet

Role playing with puppets is an easy way to address issues like telling the truth, as it invites the child to think critically about the situation and how they would resolve it from a neutral perspective.

Sanity Saver: Carrot Math

This morning when Farmer Dan went out to walk the fields, he noticed a ton of carrots popped up through the ground. He was very surprised! But Farmer Dan needs our help counting the leaves on each carrot. Can we help him!?

Sanity Savers: Gross Motor Dice

This fun game is inspired by the fourth floor of the museum – our Farm to Fork Play Zone and our Person Centered Services Community Treehouse! This game will get you up and moving like the animals represented in these play zones!