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Sanity Savers: Birthday Edition – Make Your Own Ice Cream

We are continuing our Birthday Celebration today by teaching you how to make your very own Rock Salt Ice Cream! This recipe tastes just as delicious as store bought ice cream and you can still add all your favorite toppings!

Sanity Savers: Building the 3 Pigs a New Home

The Big Bad Wolf is at it again! You have been asked by the three pigs to construct a house that can withstand the big bad wolf’s breath. Can you help the three pigs!? This is an open-ended challenge. There are different ways to build a house. Below you can find directions to help you build a house or create your own.

Sanity Savers: Mars Helicopter

Recently NASA launched a new Mars Rover. The rover’s name is Perseverance and it is currently expected to land on February 18th, 2021. One of the most exciting things of the Perseverance project is along with the rover a helicopter is hitching a ride to mars! Today we will be acting as scientists creating a helicopter to work on Mars!

Sanity Savers: Paper Cup Popper

I like crafts that are quick to make, with not a lot of clean up. Can anyone relate? Well then this is the perfect craft for you to work on with the kids! The Patriotic Paper Cup Popper only takes a few minutes to make but is loads of fun to play with!

Sanity Savers: Summer Reading Bingo

Summer isn’t over yet and kids are still looking for fun activities to stay busy! Why not try some engaging reading activities that incorporate new scenarios for them to explore (reading under a tree, in a sleeping bag, or even a new genre that they have never tried)?