What does “April” mean?

By Mara Gordon, Play to Learn Facilitator

Did you know that April takes its name from the Latin word aperire, meaning ‘to open’, just like the daffodils do during this month all around us! April 1st used to be the start of the new year in the Janus calendar, but that was changed to January 1st when the Gregorian calendar became popular, (check out the January article to learn why we call it the Gregorian calendar).

Spring is just beginning here in Buffalo, and April is full of amazing events that bring us out of our houses when the weather is nice or even not-so-nice! Here are Explore & More, we will be celebrating the Total Eclipse on Monday April 8th and then April 12th is our monthly Au-Some Evening. And even when it’s a rainy day, there’s so much to do here at the new Broadway Market or in our fun studio spaces. Try starting a new planner or calendar to make time for some new events or opportunities, both as family time & for some alone time!

As the seasons change and flowers begin to bloom, take the time to enjoy the outdoors and form new traditions that bring you & your family closer together. Take a walk in a park or just in your own neighborhood to appreciate all the new life blossoming around you. We look forward to seeing all the growth and positive changes over this year at Explore & More!


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Explore & More will be closed Sunday, May 26-Tuesday, May 28. We will be open for play again on Wednesday, May 29!