explore & more annual appeal

Our mission at Explore & More – The Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Children’s Museum is to provide the best-in-class play experiences where all children, families and the community can explore, learn, and grow together.

Unfortunately, museum visiting is disproportionately concentrated among the affluent and educated. There are many children in our community who have never had the opportunity to visit a museum due to financial constraints and lack of transportation. Inaccessibility to opportunities that inspire learning at a very young age thus leads to inequalities in education and holds these children back from successfully competing in the workforce as adults.

The first exhibit area you see when you enter our museum is the Being Good Neighbors Educational Play Zone. This exhibit area showcases the strength and togetherness of our community – how we accept and embrace diversity and how we come together as one in good times (when the Bills are winning) and in bad (those crazy Buffalo blizzards). We take care of each other. And today you can “be a good neighbor” by contributing to Explore & More’s annual appeal. Through your support we can continue to offer free programming and keep our admission price at that affordable rate.

your donation helps support:

  • Au-Some Evenings, a monthly event, which is dedicated to families with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and traumatic brain injury
  • Family Fun Fridays at Canalside – we were one of the first to offer free programming down at Canalside and we are still committed to offering these wonderful, engaging and free activities for families throughout the summer
  • Touch A Truck, a free event that brought visitors down to Canalside, letting little one ooh, ahhh, touch and climb over 40 emergency, utility and construction trucks
  • Honk for Heroes, a first-time event showcasing military and first responder vehicles and personnel.
  • Through the support of many local businesses, foundations and individuals, Explore & More brings in several hundred Title 1 school children to visit at no cost.