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Sanity Saver: Magic School Construction

Explore & More has decided to open up a school of witchcraft and wizardry and we need your help! First we need a model school built first. Using different materials found around your home can you help build us a school for witches and wizards!?

Buffalo Library Kits

Amelia Schrader reads the Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt – be sure to pick up a free activity kit from your local Buffalo Public Library (while supplies last!) to follow along and do the activity at home!

Sanity Savers, Honk for Heroes Edition: Essential Worker Flip Book

So many heroes have been working the front lines through this entire pandemic. They are nurses and doctors, workers from grocery stores, sanitation departments and the postal service to name just a few! This fun activity allows you to imagine yourself as a hero!

Sanity Savers: Fireworks

The unofficial end of summer is here. Typically, our summer months have colorful fireworks displays fill the skies. With all the changes this summer due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many of us have missed this bright tradition. We have all looked to alternative forms of entertainment including art to represent fun events from past years. With this fun art project, you can celebrate the end of summer with a beautiful work of art that will remind you of the season through the cold months to come.