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Life in Buffalo is tied to the water: the dynamic ports, canals and harbor have long fueled our city’s prosperity and innovation. Come follow the waterways through time as they carry boats, move people and power Buffalo. Our iconic two-story waterfall cascades down into a water table where children of all ages learn about the Erie Canal, how locks work and how electricity is produced.

feel the falls

Stand near our 30-foot waterfall to understand the power it generates while learning about the history of Niagara Falls.

powering Buffalo

Power our water wheel to see if you can generate enough power to light up the historic Pan-American Exposition.

canal works

Can you navigate your boat through the Erie Canal? Discover how locks work using your problem-solving skills.

quiet cove

Enjoy this quiet space which features low lighting, soft materials, calming colors, and low volume. This is a safe place to retreat in the event of sensory and/or social overstimulation while still allowing you to participate in the exhibit. This space can also be used as a nursing room for families. Click here for further information and additional resources for Access and Inclusion.

little slip

Our youngest visitors explore the world of water by gathering, scooping, catching and splashing in this table designed by a Seneca Nation artist.

Erie Canal boat adventures

Hop aboard our canal boat to experience what it was like to work a boat on the Erie Canal, including using a crane to hoist loads on and off the boat or guiding a rudder to steer the boat.

raise the flag

Experiment with pulleys to raise and lower the signal flags.

cave of the winds

Control the power of the wind! Shoot jets of air at a giant sequin wall to create sparkling patterns (and maybe dry off a little after all that water play).

nys early learning guideline

Click here to see an outline of guidelines by developmental age group for the following areas:

  • social and emotional development;
  • communication, language and literacy skills;
  • community and culture;
  • STEM;
  • Arts/Arts Appreciation;
  • and physical well-being, health and motor development.

Additionally, this chart identifies the primary and secondary learning domains of each zone.

Moving Water NYS Early Learning Guide
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