Countdown to First Night Sanity Saver: Evergreen Tree Craft

Presented by Independent Health

By: Valerie Drapeau
Education Coordinator

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2 Pieces of green construction paper 
Black Marker
Decorations for your tree

Set-up:   5 minutes

Activity: 20 minutes 

Academic Subject(s): Art

This lesson supports the following NYS Curriculum Standards:  VA: CR2.3.1-6

Evergreen trees are recognized as symbols of lasting life—their needles stay green both in the warmest of Summers and the harshest of Winters.  The origin of the evergreen tree being used in a Christmas celebration appears to be rooted in Germany during the Middle Ages. In 1419, a guild in Freiburg put up a tree decorated with apples, flour-paste wafers, tinsel and gingerbread.  Trees were also decorated with wool thread, straw, apples, nuts and pretzels. In our craft today we are going to create our own evergreen tree.  How would you decorate your tree?


Step 1:  Begin by stacking two pieces of construction paper together and folding them in half. Then use a marker to draw a half-tree shape on the outside of your paper stack (with the middle of the tree being the fold). Finally, cut along the lines through both sheets of paper. You will now have two identical tree shapes.

Step 2:  Find and mark the vertical center of each tree by folding it in half vertically (fold the pointed tip of the tree down to the base of the tree,) then lightly crease or mark the center. Finally, cut a slit in one tree from the top down to the center mark, and cut a slit in the other tree from the bottom up to the center.

Step 3: Join the two shapes and form the tree. Slide the two pieces together along the slits so that the middles match.  Then use a few small pieces of clear tape at the top and bottom of the tree to hold it all together. Finally, fold the tree open so that it stands on its own.

Step 4: Decorate your tree!  With whatever materials you have at home, add pompoms, glitter, tinsel (pipe cleaners wrapped around), etc. to add color to your tree.  You can even glue a star or pompom on top!

Vocabulary Words:

Evergreen – relating to or denoting a plant that retains green leaves throughout the year.

Tinsel – a form of decoration consisting of thin strips of shiny metal foil.

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