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Dunn Tire, Mason’s Mission, the Ferranti Family and dozens of Give 716 supporters

Let’s play! The playground exhibit unlocks exploration, play, and adventure in every child and family. This fully inclusive, indoor playground is the only one of its kind in Western New York and offers numerous benefits for children year-round. The playground is designed to remove barriers toward inclusion, both physical and social while providing a “sensory-rich” experience for all children.

Playgrounds play an important role for the physical development of children. They also support learning in a variety of areas such as cognitive-problem solving skills, physical-motor skills, social -emotional skills, imaginary and cooperative play. 

Inclusive playgrounds provide lasting benefits to a community. When playgrounds are accessible and engaging for all, it demonstrates to community members that everyone matters. Accessible playgrounds benefit not only children with disabilities but are intergenerational, supporting adults with mobility needs as well. 

In the Sensory Tunnel children of all ages can immerse themselves in a sensory-rich experience filled with color, light and texture through a mix of materials. The tunnels are wide enough for wheelchair and walker users and develop the senses by encouraging imaginative and self-led exploration.

Everyone can play on the We-Go-Round! It features a base that is flush with the surrounding surface for easy wheelchair and walker access. It can accommodate children and families, with its multiple wheelchair spaces and benches. Children can turn the We-Go-Round from the inside or outside and it features integrated speed control, so everyone stays safe! Plus, the We-Go-Round promotes social and communication skills with all users facing the center, encouraging cooperative play.

The walls of the Playground feature a variety of sensory activities that children can interact with – from spinning the color wheel, making music on the bongo drums, or turning gears to learn about cause-and-effect! Fun is everywhere!

Field trips are back! Please be aware that it will be busier than usual.