STEM Saturdays

Presented by National Grid

Super STEM-tastic activities throughout the museum the third Saturday of every month!

Join Explore & More for a STEMtastic STEM Saturday this Saturday, September 19! Presented by National Grid, Explore & More is providing exciting virtual and hands-on activities for aspiring scientist and curious minds both young and old. Our virtual “sanity saver” activities, designed to be enjoyed at home, include:
  • A biodegradable bird feeder: allowing the participant to be engineer and ornithologist in turn as they construct their feeder and study the birds as they visit the finished product.
  • Magic School Constructions for junior architects with a flair for the fantastical; we show apprentice wizards, witches, and warlocks how to construct their very own school of magic from household materials and supplies.
  • Watercolor DIY-with a few supplies and a dash of imagination children can create their own water colors to design anything from a 3D camp scene to a fall tree, or just be expressive!
Here inside Explore & More, fan favorite Virtual Reality Buffalo will be turning the Tinkering Tank into an Augmented Reality play zone! Enjoy social distance fun while playing through different types of AR (augmented reality) activities. Once the simulated fun is over the Tinkering Tank will return to a makerspace,where kids can build their very own zipline rockets…it’ll be out of this world!