farm to fork

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Follow your food from farm to table! On our farm you can plant, grow and harvest your crops, as well as care for a milking cow and some chickens. Load your produce onto a small-scale huckster truck and sell it at the farmer’s market. If all that work builds up your appetite, cook your farm-fresh finds in our farmhouse play kitchen.

the barn

Put on your boots and get to work in our miniature dairy. Milk the cow and discover all the amazing foods that come from milk.

farmer’s market

See what’s fresh! You can be the seller or the buyer in this year-round pretend farmer’s market, where everything is always in season.

farmhouse kitchen

Take turns cooking, serving, and eating the pretend food.

hoop house and crop beds

Pick your own crops straight off of the plants and discover how food grows. These crops showcase produce that thrives in our climate and how different types of produce grow differently.

nys early learning guideline

Click here to see an outline of guidelines by developmental age group for the following areas:

  • social and emotional development;
  • communication, language and literacy skills;
  • community and culture;
  • STEM;
  • Arts/Arts Appreciation;
  • and physical well-being, health and motor development.

Additionally, this chart identifies the primary and secondary learning domains of each zone.

Farm to Fork NYS Early Learning Guide

quiet cove

Enjoy this quiet space which features low lighting, soft materials, calming colors, and low volume. This is a safe place to retreat in the event of sensory and/or social overstimulation while still allowing you to participate in the exhibit. This space can also be used as a nursing room for families. Click here for further information and additional resources for Access and Inclusion.

Field trips are back! Please be aware that it will be busier than usual.