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Our seven educational play zones offer hands-on exhibits that tell the unique story of Buffalo and what makes us proud to be from Western New York. The zones reveal stories of our region’s history, geography, culture, agriculture, architecture, athletics, commerce and innovation through exhibits that celebrate the power and benefits of play. Explore & More is the perfect place to learn about the region’s past roots with child-led and family friendly play that helps develop the whole child. These exhibits are located on the second, third and fourth floors.

Being Good Neighbors Icon

being good neighbors

presented by: The Paul A. Saffrin Foundation

Learn about the diverse mix of cultures and families that make up Buffalo Niagara’s neighborhoods. This child-sized street has three homes that look similar from the outside, but inside you’ll find that their furnishings, decorations and traditions are very different. The homes invite us to celebrate differences and explore similarities among our neighbors. In partnership with local cultural groups, the museum will introduce new neighbors and new cultures to the neighborhood over time.

Moving Water Icon

moving water

presented by: NY Power Authority

Life in Buffalo is tied to the water: the dynamic ports, canals and harbor have long fueled our city’s prosperity and innovation. Come follow the waterways through time as they carry boats, move people and power Buffalo. Our iconic two-story waterfall cascades down into a water table where children of all ages learn about the Erie Canal, how locks work, and how electricity is produced.

driving buffalo's dreams

driving Buffalo’s dreams

presented by: West Herr

Driving Buffalo’s Dreams is a fully accessible, completely immersive exhibit that puts children in the driver’s seat!  Design your own vehicle, and drive it through the streets of Buffalo in a larger-than-life projection of the city, then roll up your sleeves and perform maintenance on the vehicle.  There’s even a Hot Wheels repair station!

Car Wash

presented by: Delta Sonic

The immersive Car Wash exhibit is the first and only one of its kind! It will engage children by taking them through the wash, rinse, and dry phases of a car wash. From liquid floors to a vacuum wall and a heat-activated color-changing vehicle, children will be able to play with every aspect of the exhibit. Additionally, the car wash is accessible to everyone.

Explore and More Playing Together

playing together

presented by: Delaware North, New Era Cap Foundation, Buffalo Bills Foundation, Buffalo Sabres Foundation

We want you on our team! Families can run, move, play and see what it feels like to be a part of the sports teams that make Buffalo great. Try on gear from different teams to imagine yourself as different kinds of athletes, or join in the fun by trying out different sports challenges with your friends.

lighting buffalo's imagination

lighting Buffalo’s imagination

presented by: Fisher Price and Mattel Foundation

Come explore the ideas and innovations that have fueled Buffalo’s prosperity and continue to power new ideas through wonder, discovery and imagination. Children and adults alike will enjoy exploring STEM concepts through hands-on experimentation as they are inspired by native innovators of our past, while considering the unlimited possibilities of their own creative and inventive future.


presented by: Dunn Tire, Mason’s Mission, the Ferranti Family and dozens of Give 716 supporters

Let’s play! The playground exhibit unlocks exploration, play, and adventure in every child and family. This fully inclusive, indoor playground is the only one of its kind in Western New York and offers numerous benefits for children year-round. The playground is designed to remove barriers toward inclusion, both physical and social while providing a “sensory-rich” experience for all children.

building Buffalo

presented by: Anonymous

Be inspired by Buffalo’s storied architectural history. Work together to construct your own great structures out of different building materials. Step into a construction zone and design, experiment and build anything imaginable, including a bridge, a house and a city. Imagine yourself as the next great architect, builder or urban planner.

farm to fork

presented by: Wegmans

Follow your food from farm to table! On our farm you can plant, grow and harvest your crops, as well as care for a milking cow and some chickens. Load your produce onto a small-scale huckster truck and sell it at the farmer’s market. If all that work builds up your appetite, cook your farm-fresh finds in our farmhouse play kitchen.

rooftop terrace

rooftop terrace

presented by: The Wegman Family Foundation

The fourth floor terrace offers unprecedented views of of the Buffalo city skyline with a crystal clear view of the fireworks show at the Buffalo Bisons’ Sahlen Field. The zone will have a barn feature, a windmill, wind and music instruments, along with various plantings to soak up the sunshine.

person centered services community tree house

person centered services community treehouse

presented by: Person Centered Services

Please note that our Treehouse exhibit is undergoing renovations and is closed for the foreseeable future.

Our Person Centered Services Community Treehouse immerses visitors in a breathtaking Western New York woodland scene, taking the concept of an inclusive outdoor playground and transporting it indoors with a whimsical twist. The Treehouse structure is accessible to everyone, including guests in wheeled mobility devices.

more ways to play

cooking galley

presented by: Wegmans

Join us daily as local chefs partner with Explore & More staff to facilitate cooking classes for children ages 5 and up. Classes will focus on nutrition, food identification and family friendly recipes that our visitors can replicate at home. Learn to make recipes using liquid measuring cups, scoops, scales, and table/tea spoons to practice the skills needed to help prepare meal with their family.

See daily open studio and paid class times.

tinkering tank

tinkering tank

Experiment, investigate, problem solve, take apart, test and build in our very own makerspace. Guided by staff, you can learn to use real tools to fix broken objects or create something new.

presented by: Fisher Price and Mattel Foundation

See daily open studio and paid class times.

art studio

art studio

Come enjoy facilitated open art studio time daily for all ages with other paid class opportunities in this space for specific age groups. Click here to see daily open studio and paid class times.

See daily open studio and paid class times.

Field trips are back! Please be aware that it will be busier than usual. | Explore & More will be closed on Sunday, June 16.