Sanity Savers, STEM Edition: Pom Pom Launcher

Presented by National Grid

Written By Dan Walsh
STEM Educator

Supply ideas:

Paper tube, balloon, scissors, duct tape 


10 minutes 

Academic Subjects:


Directions for Pom-pom Launcher 

Today we are going to be looking at physics. Physics is a branch of science that focuses on matter which is anything that takes up space such as air, rocks, and even candy and forces such as push and pull. A person who studies physics is called a physicist. We are going to act as physicist and build a pom-pom launcher.   

  1. Tie a knot at the very end of your balloon. The knot should be tied near the mouthpiece. 
  2. Working on the other end of your balloon, cut a small piece off. 
  3. Stretch your balloon out over your paper tube. 
  4. Secure the balloon down with a piece of duct tape. 
  5. Now comes the physics part. Place several pom-poms into the tube. 
  6. Pull the balloon string back and let go. 
  7. Depending on which way you aim the launcher the pom-poms will either fall out or spray everywhere! 

Pom-pom Launcher Vocabulary 

Matter– Can come in three different states; solid, liquid, and gas.  

Force– Cause an object to accelerate, slow down, remain in place, or change shape. 

Prediction– To make a guess on what you think will happen. 

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