lighting buffalo's imagination

lighting Buffalo’s imagination

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Fisher-Price and Community Crowdfunding

Come explore the ideas and innovations that have fueled Buffalo’s prosperity and continue to power new ideas through wonder, discovery and imagination. Children and adults alike will enjoy exploring STEM concepts through hands-on experimentation as they are inspired by native innovators of our past, while considering the unlimited possibilities of their own creative and inventive future.

pedal power

Put the pedal to the metal with hand- and pedal-powered stationary bicycles. Working together, you can produce enough electricity to create an amazing light show reminiscent of the 1901 Pan-American Exposition.

innovation wall

Children can imagine themselves as the inventors of tomorrow as they discover the many surprising innovations from right here in Western New York, including many inventions that are a part of our daily lives.

build a roller coaster

Use your imagination to create a crazy coaster out of everyday objects. Physics, gravity and predictions of cause and effect are at play as children tweak, adjust and repeat until they achieve their desired outcome.

learning caring healing

learning, caring, healing

Wellness and attentive care is the goal in this child-run medical facility. Put on your lab coat and give your stuffed patients an X-ray or MRI, or put them to bed in an exam room. In the neighboring lab, learn about testing your hypothesis to discover new treatments and investigate samples using a video microscope.

nys early learning guideline

Click here to see an outline of guidelines by developmental age group for the following areas:

  • social and emotional development;
  • communication, language and literacy skills;
  • community and culture;
  • STEM;
  • Arts/Arts Appreciation;
  • and physical well-being, health and motor development.

Additionally, this chart identifies the primary and secondary learning domains of each zone.

Lighting Buffalo's Imagination NYS Early Learning Guidelines
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