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Sanity Savers: Community Helpers need YOUR help

These activities will help your child understand the important roles of different community helpers and how YOU can help them by participating in the 2020 Decennial Census!

Sanity Savers: Who Lives in my Home?

Did you know that newborns and children under 5 are the most underrepresented populations in the census? Accurately counting every member of your household help influence billions of dollars in federal funding that goes to schools, hospitals and other critical community resources.

Sanity Savers: Shaving Cream Sight Words

Practicing sight words and spelling words doesn’t have to be a routine task just to check off your homeschooling to-do list. Here’s a fun and creative way to make it fresh and fun!

Sanity Savers: Paper Strip Art

Creating unique cards & paper art can ignite your child’s imagination! Have fun creating your paper art and then send it off to relatives and friends to brighten everyone’s day!

Sanity Savers: Play Writing

This activity, inspired by the famous play King Lear by William Shakespeare, is perfect for your upper elementary students to get creative and have fun while building up their literacy skills!