Sanity Savers: Shape Balance with Sidewalk Chalk Paint

Sponsored by: BlueCross BlueShield of WNY

By: Amelia Schrader
Senior Manger of Learning and Education 


Sidewalk Chalk Paint (recipe here) OR Sidewalk Chalk  


Prep: 5 minutes
Play time: Unlimited!  

Academic Subject(s):

Art, Physical Education  

We have been having beautiful spring weather this week and there is no better way to celebrate than by going outside and getting out some energy! This simple activity is a new way to practice fine motor development, balance and shape recognition. We hope you have has much fun as my family did while playing this fun balance game! 


Step 1: Prepare your sidewalk chalk paint or gather up your regular sidewalk chalk.  

Step 2: Select the shapes you want to mimic. For my family, we did a circle, triangle and square.    

Step 3:  Where you want to end your balance pathway draw your desired shape. Then work backwards creating a line that represents the shape you chose.  For example, my shape balance line is a looped line, the square balance line is formed by right angles and the triangle balance line is drawn using 60 degree angled points. (See images for clarification)  

Step 4: Now it is time to walk your balance line! Have your little one carefully walk the line one foot in front of the other!  The fun and learning doesn’t have to end there! When your little one reaches the end you can encourage them to do some extra physical activity while reinforcing elements of the shape. For example if your circle line has 5 looping circles have your child do 5 arm circles while standing in the circle at the end. This reinforces the idea of the shape and the number of loops they walked through.  

Vocabulary Words

Balance: the ability to stay up right and in control of your body movements
Circle: a figure (shape) with all points equidistant (equally distant) from the center
Triangle: a figure (shape) with three lines and three angles
Square: a figure (shape) with four lines of equal length and four right angles   

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