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Sanity Savers: Spin to Spell Eggs

Do all those vocabulary worksheets seem overwhelming right now? Looking for a fun way to engage your child in spelling practice?
Try out these spin to spell eggs.

Sanity Savers: Monster Apple Snack

Sometimes getting your child to eat a healthy treat can be tricky! This simple, tasty treat is easyto make and will get your little one excited about eating healthy! This protein packed, fruit snack is sure to win over even the pickiest eaters.

Sanity Savers: DIY Stress Balls

Let’s face it we all need to relive a little bit of stress right now – even the kiddos! When our bodies feel stress we tend to clench our muscles. By using a stress ball the repetitive squeeze and release motion leaves the user feeling less stressed!

Sanity Savers : Yard Obstacle Course

Who doesn’t love an obstacle course? There are endless ways to have fun & learn while having a good old competition and a little exercise!

Sanity Savers: Driveway Game

What better way to practice your motor skills than playing outside in the fresh air with friends!