Storytime: Ms. Jackie Reads Shark Girl and Belly Button

We’re welcoming Shark Girl back by reading Shark Girl and Belly Button by Casey Riordan Millard.

Shark Girl sees the world in a worried way, while her good friend, Belly Button, has a more positive outlook on things. Together, the friends take readers on five mini adventures—writing a letter, making paper dolls, going to a party, visiting the playground, and appreciating the value of things, especially one’s friends.

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Storytime: Ms. Lisa reads Mango, Abuela

In celebration of El Dia Del Niño join us as we read Mango, Abuela, and Me by Meg Medina.

Mia’s abuela has left her sunny house with parrots and palm trees to live with Mia and her parents in the city. The night she arrives, Mia tries to share her favorite book with Abuela before they go to sleep and discovers that Abuela can’t read the words inside. So while they cook, Mia helps Abuela learn English (“Dough. Masa”), and Mia learns some Spanish too, but it’s still hard for Abuela to learn the words she needs to tell Mia all her stories. Then Mia sees a parrot in the pet-shop window and has the perfectoidea for how to help them all communicate a little better.

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Sanity Savers, STEM Edition: Pi Day Party

Presented by National Grid

Written By Dan Walsh
STEM Educator

Supplies needed:  

Paper plates, scissors, crayons, pencil, markers 


Build time: 5-10 minutes   

Academic Subjects: 


Directions for Pi Day Pie Party!    

Happy Belated Pi day! Pi is the distance around the circle also known as circumference, divided by the distance across. In other words, the circumference of any circle is approximately 3.14 times its diameter. Since pi is an irrational number, it has an infinite number of digits. Pi day is March 14th, so let’s celebrate by having a pie party! We will be taking our pie plates and cutting pieces out of them, also known as fractions.  

1.)  Begin by deciding how many pies you would like. For each pie you need one paper plate. 

2.)  Each pie can be sliced into different fractions. Draw a straight line across the middle of your plate.

3.)  From there you can break your pie up into different fractions. A good place to start is with halves. On each side of the plate label it one half. Then color it in. 

4.)  Next let’s try out a new fraction on a new plate. Draw a line down the middle, and then horizontally. Label each piece one fourth.  

5.)  Once you have labeled and colored your slices of pie, cut them out. 

6.)  Mix the slices of pie up to see if you can put the pies back together! 

Vocabulary words:  

Fraction– Part of a whole number. For this activity the fractions were slices of pie.  
Geometry– the kind of mathematics that deals with shapes. 

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Storytime: Ms. Cassie reads Computer Decoder

Storytime: Ms. Cassie reads Computer Decoder: Dorothy Vaughan, Computer Scientist by Andi Diehn.

Dorothy Vaughan loved things that made sense―especially numbers! In Computer Decoder: Dorothy Vaughan, Computer Scientist, elementary-aged children follow Dorothy’s journey from math teacher to human computer and beyond, a journey made difficult because she was an African American woman working during a time of segregation. Dorothy worked incredibly hard to meet the challenges that greeted her at every turn and rose to the level of supervisor, the first black supervisor in the history of her company! But another challenge awaited when a mechanical computer threatened to replace the teams of human computers. How will Dorothy figure out this problem?

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