Explore Even More: Feed the Turkey

This month, we will “feed the turkey” as a two-for-one craft and sensory bin! Here are the materials we’ll need: 

  1. Clean plastic water bottle 
  2. Multi-color feathers (paper or craft)
  3. Eyes for your turkey 
  4. A beak & wattle for your turkey 
  5. A bin full of pom poms 
  6. Jumbo tweezers (optional) 


Glue or tape the feathers onto the bottle
Glue the eyes onto the turkey 
Glue the beak and wattle onto the turkey 

Now that you have a perfect little turkey, It’s time to feed him! Fill a bin with pom poms, and let your little one fill him with pom poms through the bottle’s opening. This activity will build your child’s fine motor skills- strengthening their hand-eye coordination and pincer grasp. Both are essential pre-writing skills. For an extra challenge, use jumbo tweezers!

Happy crafting, 

Ms. Jackie

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