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Did You Know? September Edition

Did you know that September 6th is National Read A Book Day? Have you ever wondered the impact reading to a child has at an early age? From the time your child is born, reading out loud to them has a positive influence in beginning their language development.

Will’s Culture Corner: September Edition

Beginning in mid-September our cultural focus will be focused on National Hispanic Heritage Month (which runs two weeks into October). Visitors can expect to participate in lessons that emphasize Hispanic heritage, from creating colorful luchador masks, to painting portraits like Frida Kahlo did, these lessons will immerse participants in Hispanic culture.

STEM Saturday: Fleet Technicians

This Super STEM Saturday video is powered by National Grid! Join us as we explore what life is like for a fleet technician, followed by a super cool activity where Mr. Dan teaches us how to build our very own flashlight!

Dan’s STEM Corner: Voyager 1

September 5th, 1977 marks the launch date for the space probe Voyager 1. This space probe has been exploring space for over 40 years.