Will’s Culture Desk: January Edition

With the start of January comes a new year, and new opportunities to advance our minds, bodies, and brains. For many, January can be a time that brings renewed hope, as many create resolutions hoping to positively impact themselves and those around them. This optimism is shared by the Education Team here at Explore & More, as we prepare for 2022, what we know will be the best year yet for our organization.

Our team has worked extremely hard over the past year, having laid the foundation for success in the years to come. Over the course of 2021, we created a multitude of new and engaging programming, that can be used for years to come; created programs such as Study & Play, which has been foundational in providing day-long education and care to elementary school students. Our outreach programming has progressed greatly as we now offer schools, and other educational organizations a variety of lessons and activities that meet a wide range of educational needs.

The Education Team accomplished this while being burdened by the ongoing pandemic and all the challenges that accompanied it. It is with this experience under our collective belt that we firmly believe 2022 will be an even better year for Explore & More and our guests.

For those of you who have continued following this newsletter, we thank you for taking the time to check in with us every month and we’re excited to continue to bring an inside look into the happenings of our museum.

From everyone here at Explore & More, we wish you a healthy and happy new year and look forward to continuing to provide our community with impactful programming and activities!

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