Explore Even More: Water Safety Month

Let’s make a splash with this month’s activity because May is national water safety month! While playing with water it’s very important to make sure you’re being safe. While swimming with your kids, it’s important to always be alert and within arms reach of your little ones. Even older kids need active supervision while in the pool and should always swim with a buddy. Weak swimmers should always have a coast guard approved life vest that is brightly colored, too! For this month’s activity, we’ll be using a sensory bin with water, so although you won’t need a life vest, grab your buddy and some fun water play supplies.

Here are some ideas:
A straw/plastic tube
A metal bowl
Recycled water bottles
Cups and spoons
A smock if you don’t want to get too wet

Of course you’ll need plenty of water and a bin to fill it with. You can use a sink, the bath tub, a shallow plastic bin, even a portable pool will work. Just remember that active supervision is essential for water safety, even in shallow water. Fill up your vessel with your preferred temperature of water and have the other supplies readily accessible.

Let’s have some fun with music and sounds that water can make. Use the straw and blow into the water. What do you hear? What happens if you hum? Be careful not to suck in during this activity. You can also try this with just your lips too. Do you notice a difference in noise? Once you’ve hummed and made plenty of bubbles, move onto the metal bowl. Put it in the water and hit it with one of your spoons. Fill it with water and repeat. Listen for the sounds it makes.

Next, grab your water bottles. Can you blow over top of the water bottle? What kind of noise does that make? If you have a few bottles, fill them with different amounts of water, see how the noise changes. Can you make a new song with the different notes? Can you copy a song you already know?

Finally, with cups and spoons you can scoop out water and pour. Try pouring water in different amounts and different heights. Make splashes with your spoons and test how the tension of the water surface feels. Splash with your fingers and hands, too! As long as you’re having fun and being safe, there is no right or wrong way to play in the water. I hope you have fun with my water play ideas, and always feel free to put your own spin on these fun activities.

“Water” you waiting for? Grab your supplies and have some fun!

Here is a link for more water safety information.
Happy water safety month!

Ms. Jackie
Lead Play to Learn Facilitator

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