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Sanity Savers: Summer Reading Bingo

Summer isn’t over yet and kids are still looking for fun activities to stay busy! Why not try some engaging reading activities that incorporate new scenarios for them to explore (reading under a tree, in a sleeping bag, or even a new genre that they have never tried)?

Sanity Savers: Whacky DIY Robot

Explore & More needs your help! We are trying to build the wackiest robots imaginable. Can you help us? As you are building imagine what jobs your robot could do. Does your robot put out fires, help on construction sites, or help doctors with surgery? The instructions are open ended, so you can build however you want!

Sanity Savers: Moon Buggy Challenge

NASA is planning on going back to the moon by 2024. This means new technology must be made for the astronauts, in particular a new moon buggy. Can you help the astronauts by creating a model Moon Buggy?

Sanity Savers: Gray’s Parachute Experiment

This week we are celebrating Adeline Gray! Gray was a parachute rigger that tested out the first nylon parachute. Before this time parachutes had been made from cotton. Cotton parachutes couldn’t be used in bad weather such as rain or wind. Therefore, another material had to be tested. Today we are going to test out different materials to build a parachute out of it and see which works best!

Sanity Savers: Trail Mix

This healthy trail mix contains protein, natural sugars and healthy fats making this salty, sweet treat ideal for an adventure day outside! The banana chips and dried cranberries provide a naturally sweet flavor while the sunflower and pumpkin seeds give a salty, protein packed crunch. The dark chocolate chips offer a healthy fat option to balance out this healthy snack.