Sanity Savers: DIY Stress Balls

Presented by BlueCross BlueShield of WNY

By: Amelia Schrader
Senior Manager of Learning and Education


Empty Water Bottle
Essential Oils (optional)
Permanent markers (optional)  


Set up: 5 minutes
Play time: Unlimited!  

Academic Subject(s):

Sensory Motor, Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Mindfulness/Health & Wellness 


Step 1: Scoop approximately 1 cup of flour into an empty water bottle using a funnel. Don’t have a funnel at home? Try using a pastry bag or even a plastic zip lock bag with the tip cut off! *If you want to add essential oils, do so during this step!*

Step 2: Blow up the balloon and secure it to the top of the water bottle. Carefully squeeze the flour into the inflated balloon.

Step 3: Carefully remove the balloon from the top of the water bottle and tie it closed.

Step 4 (optional): Use a permanent marker to draw a smiley face or other design on the balloon!  

Let’s face it we all need to relive a little bit of stress right now – even the kiddos! When our bodies feel stress we tend to clench our muscles. By using a stress ball the repetitive squeeze and release motion leaves the user feeling less stressed! And if feeling less stressed isn’t enough these simple toys can also help your child concentrate better on certain tasks. In a study published in the Journal of At-Risk Issues, students that used stress balls in class were less distracted than those who didn’t.  

Vocabulary Words

·  Inflate: to fill with air or another gas
·  Clench: to close into a tight ball, especially when angry or stressed  

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