Will’s Culture Desk: March Edition

With Spring already on the horizon, the Education Team here at Explore & More is looking forward to continuing to provide programs and activities for the many individuals who look to us for guidance in education and play. 

This March looks to be very impactful and fun as one of the central focuses for the month is on the topic of mindfulness and health. Explore & More will be hosting yoga and mindfulness classes, discussing healthy food options, and emphasizing the importance of physical fitness. We hope to welcome the not-so-snowy Spring weather by practicing healthy mindsets, choices, and lifestyles, all of which will be emphasized by activities provided by our Education Team members. 

Apart from this mental and physical health focus, the Education Team will be sure to present activities that relate to Women’s History Month. We will be centering on women who have greatly contributed to history, in fields like art, science, history, and civil rights. It is our hope that such activities empower local children to be aware of the fight for female equality that took place over centuries and continues today. 

Although March is Women’s History Month, here at Explore & More we are actively continuing to focus on topics such as those discussed in Black History Month. As the central focus of our Education Team may change from month to month, our overall educational goals remain constant throughout the year. So please join us for a fun, educational, March!

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