Will’s Culture Desk: August 2021

Believe it, or not it’s already August, and Explore & More is continuing our plethora of summer programming. Events such as Trucking through the Summer, Molina Mondays, Waterfront Wednesdays, Free Play Fridays, Folk Art Fridays, and several summer camps, all fill our calendar! This packed schedule gives our Education Team opportunities to discuss culture in many different mediums, from lessons to camp kids, to drop-in crafts for museum visitors, and from presenters bringing activities for our guests to enjoy. This focus on cultural discovery and the awareness of the cultures of the world is something we take great pride in especially among the team members on the education staff. August like every other month will have its share of activities that will engage children in local, regional, and global traditions and cultures. As the Olympics attempts to bring the world together, Explore & More will attempt to do the same, creating projects inspired by the Olympics, that can hopefully spark interest in the global event among our visitor families. Furthermore, on Folk Art Friday’s a specific culture will be highlighted and crafts will be created in this light. For instance, in July, we brought in a friend from the Albright Knox for a lesson in making art that is traditionally made in Puerto Rico! This activity provided children the opportunity to engage with concepts that they may not be familiar with, allowing them to gain a better understanding and thus, appreciation of Puerto Rico. Expanding the minds of the children and families that pay us a visit is something we hope to continue to do, not only through the month of August but continuously into the future.

Field trips are back! Please be aware that it will be busier than usual. | Explore & More will be closed on Sunday, June 16.