Will’s Culture Desk: April Edition

Although Spring may officially start in March, Spring in Buffalo does not really get rolling until April. This change in season is a perfect time to take a closer look at our environment and the role we play in it. In April, holidays such as Earth Day, and Arbor Day, are observed (on a yearly basis), in order to inform, educate, and encourage positive change to our environment, both locally and globally.

During the month of April, the Explore & More Education Team has prepared activities and lessons to encourage our guests to be conscious of their environment and the impact they may have on it. Activities such as learning about plants, animals, and our waterways will be frequent throughout the month.

Opportunities to make a difference environmentally such as growing, and planting plants will also be available. Environmental concerns and problems will also be discussed. Talking about topics such as pollution, global warming, and climate change at a young age may be difficult but is vitally important as it will educate and inform the next generation of humans about the world they are inheriting and the changes that will need to be made in order to sustain it. The month of April provides the opportunity to highlight our planet and what we can do to preserve our home. Our hope here at Explore & More is to foster change and create the next generation of environmentalists.

Field trips are back! Please be aware that it will be busier than usual.