Will’s Culture Corner: September 2022 Edition

For the majority of our Explore & More families, September is synonymous with change. Change in weather, change in routine, change in grade for our kiddos, change in season; this September is bringing change for myself as well, as I will be transitioning to a new position here at Explore & More as the Cultural Program Educator.

This change will allow me to further align my experience and educational background with my role here at the museum. Cultural Program Educator will encompass a multitude of roles and responsibilities, most notably ensuring that the museum promotes diversity, acceptance, and cultural inclusion, not only within our exhibit spaces but also within the lessons and programs we offer. This role emphasizes inclusive values, and it is my hope that I can help the museum continue to be a welcoming space for every member of our community. I will be continuing to write monthly newsletters focused on culture and community, and I hope that my new position will heighten my awareness of cultural occurrences. As the Cultural Program Educator, my hope is to illuminate how the diversity of Western New York is one of our greatest assets as a society. This will be achieved through the education of the youngest members of the population, thus, laying a foundation for positivity and love towards everyone. Education will occur through specific lessons, and activities, as well as play itself. Exhibits within our space have been and will be curated to encourage the aforementioned principles of acceptance. Another focus will be on developing and continuing community partnerships with cultural organizations. These relationships will ensure that the diversity of Buffalo will be heard, seen, and even tasted. I am SO excited to take on this opportunity and hope that you and your families will join Explore & More and myself in taking advantage of the abundant cultures of Western New York.

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