Will’s Culture Corner: November Edition

Now that spooky season has come to an end, it’s time to welcome colder weather as we head into late fall and the month of November. November brings along with it events like Election Day, Veterans Day, and most notably Thanksgiving.

The time around Thanksgiving here at Explore & More is filled with fun activities, projects, and events all of which assist in welcoming the official start to the holiday season. Although the museum is closed on Thanksgiving Day, we have several events that take place both before and after the holiday. The Education Team at Explore & More is focused on creating events that are culturally impactful and relevant to accompany all the events surrounding Thanksgiving and the beginning of the holidays.

We recognize that Thanksgiving is more than cooking turkey and playing football. It is an opportunity for focusing on family and togetherness, as well as a teaching moment for children to learn about Native American, colonial histories. Explore & More wants to inform our guest families, with these cultural lessons, especially as people come together for the holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas may be celebrated by many Western New Yorkers, however, there are a great number of families in our region who have differing holiday practices and celebrations and we strive to both honor and teach our visitors about them. Increasing cultural knowledge will help the true meaning of Thanksgiving come to fruition, as it will bring our community together as knowledge brings with it awareness, and that awareness brings togetherness, helping to demonstrate the differences that make our community great!

Field trips are back! Please be aware that it will be busier than usual.