Will’s Culture Corner: May 2023 Edition

This month’s Culture Corner will be addressing the one-year anniversary of the Tops Shooting that occurred on May 14th, 2022. This dark day in our city’s history directly targeted Black members of our Buffalo community and brought sadness to not only Buffalonians but people across the globe. The purpose of this brief newsletter entry is not to reignite the sadness of that day one year ago, but to offer a challenge to our Explore & More community members. 

There are few actions better to do to honor the lives of those who were taken far too early, than to make a positive impact in our community. Do something kind to someone else, (drop in to see an elderly neighbor). Bring joy into someone’s life (call an old friend), or make a conscious effort to be a role model to others (volunteer for a community cleanup). 

Most of this newsletter’s readers are parents or guardians of children, and if we instill a sense of community in our youth the future generations will be in a better place. This is the ultimate goal of education in general, and a goal for Explore & More as an institution. While performing any of these simple tasks, dedicate your time and effort to all the lives impacted by the tragedy that destroyed so much. While we cannot change the past nor bring back those taken from us, we can use this as a catalyst for good. Use this as a charge to make a small positive impact, and as a community we will continue to heal and rebuild.  

Field trips are back! Please be aware that it will be busier than usual. | Explore & More will be closed on Sunday, June 16.