Will’s Culture Corner: March 2023 Edition

With March here it finally feels like there is some reprieve from the grasp of winter, as warmer temperatures inch ever so close.  This change brings a newfound optimism and draws the people of Western New York out of their homes.  Perhaps the biggest reflection of this is the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations across our community. 

Where hundreds of thousands of people flock to restaurants, community, and cultural centers, and the streets to celebrate all things Ireland.  At Explore & More we will be hoping to mirror this excitement by educating and encouraging Irish cultural celebrations within our walls. 

For many, St. Patrick’s Day is truly an important marker of cultural diversity and acceptance.  New York City hosted what many consider the first-ever St. Patrick’s Day parade on March 17th, 1762 (although, some historians credit church representatives in Spanish Florida, in the early 17th century), and from there an international tradition would be born.  Keeping up with that tradition Buffalo celebrated the holiday throughout the 19th, 20th, and now 21st centuries. 

Celebrations have evolved over time though maintain their value as a marker of an acknowledgment of Irish cultural influence and pride.  Buffalo consistently ranks as one of the most densely Irish population cities in America, and the pageantry of the parade reflects that.  So this March while watching the parade, remember that centuries of Buffalonians have taken part in this tradition, and your participation not only shows your Fenian pride but connects you to past generations.  At Explore & More, it is our hope to continue that connection and continue the rich history of celebration of all things Irish.  

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