Will’s Culture Corner: January 2023 Edition

As 2022 has come and gone, the promise and hope of the new year are fresh in our minds. New Year’s resolutions are being crafted and attempts to create new positive habits are plentiful. At Explore & More, our goal is to create the best possible experience for guests. This new year we will continue to elevate our museum space, programming, and events continuing our quest towards best in class.

From a cultural perspective, I will continue to lead efforts to make the museum and the activities that we offer inclusive and representative of the diversity that is illustrative of the community of Western New York. Immersion in this diversity is a key to leading children to become more global citizens, which will ultimately provide them with enhanced cognition about the world they live in. While perhaps more importantly, immersion will lead the next generation towards being more accepting and kindhearted. Join us here in the museum for experiences that have been tailored to children as learners. These experiences can be instilled at home, as well. Choose books that discuss different cultures from your local library. Enjoy cultural cuisine that may not be familiar to your child or family. Celebrate a new holiday or tradition to better connect to other members of your community. Most importantly, be kind to everyone, this will go far in the eyes of children and those around you. Have a wonderful new year and join Explore & More in making 2023 the best year yet!

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