Will’s Culture Corner: August 2022 Edition

For our kiddos August is the last full month of summer, with milder weather and long summer nights, this month is a great time to check off whatever is left on your summer to-do lists. This month’s Culture Corner is dedicated to loving everything our city has to offer and will hopefully have everyone feeling some Buffalove!

Buffalo has so much to offer to our kids and August is the perfect month to take advantage of our city’s resources. If you haven’t already, plan a trip to Canalside, visit us here at Explore & More, while spending time on the Carousel, at the Naval Park, and the Longshed. If you’re looking for free programming, join us on Friday mornings for “Free-Play Fridays,” on the Canalside lawn, and take a stroll along the boardwalk while you take in the sights of the Erie Canalway! Make a point to learn about a different neighborhood than your own. Exploring other neighborhoods will introduce other cultures and ways of life. Did you know that the West-side is the most diverse area of Buffalo? Take a trip and try a traditional restaurant that is reflective of the neighborhood. Did you know that many buildings and homes in the Elmwood Villages, are on the National Register of Historic Places? Take a stroll through the neighborhood to appreciate these historic buildings. These are just two of the many areas within the city of Buffalo! Take time to explore our city and I know you will learn something new and grow to appreciate your home even more, truly committing to Buffalove.

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