Sanity Savers: Zipline Rockets

Sponsored by: M&T Bank

Written by: Dan Walsh
STEM Educator

Supplies needed:   

Construction paper, straw, tape, scissors, markers, string

Sanity Savers: Zipline rockets


Build time: 5-10 minutes
Academic Subjects: Science
This lesson supports the following standards:   
Arts: PreK-5 VA.Cr.1
SOC: 4.6e
SCI: 3-PS2-2, 4-PS3-1, 4-PS3-2, 3-5-ETS1-3


Did you know Buffalo played an integral role in the space race to the Moon? Even some of the rockets the astronauts on the mission to the moon were built right in our backyard. Today we are going to build our very own rockets.   

Your mission if you choose to accept it; the scientists at Moon Base 13 need your help! A distress call has been sent out and you need to send them a rocket ship as soon as possible! Can you help the scientists!?

1.)   Take your piece of construction paper and design your rocket ship. Let your imagination run wild if you want you can change your spaceship to an airplane, shooting star, or even a person using a jetpack. (The jetpack was also invented in Western New York!)

Sanity Savers: Zipline rockets

2.)    Once you have designed and colored your ship, cut it out.

3.)    Next, we are going to cut the straw to fit our ship. Depending on your rocket ship size, the straw should be about a half-inch long.

4.)    Tape the straw to the back of your ship. Then, fold your string in half and slide it through your straw. 

5.)   Find the nearest door know or have a grown-up hold the looped end of the string. Once the looped piece is anchored, hold the other two pieces of string and count down from five and pull both pieces of the string apart. BLAST OFF!!  

Sanity Savers: Zipline rockets

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