Sanity Savers: Write Your Own Story

Sponsored by: M&T Bank

Written by Will Kawalec
Lead Play to Learn Facilitator

Sanity Savers: Write Your Own Story


Scene writing template – downloadable here 
Clothes to dress up and act out the story and play. 


Set Up: 10-20 minutes.
Activity: 15 minutes-1 hour. 

Academic Subject(s):

English, Writing, Literacy, Music. 
This lesson supports: 2nd to 8th grade.  (Can be adapted for all ages). 

Today is National Library Workers day!! Libraries are a great community resource. The books they keep safe help us learn, foster our imaginations and have the ability to transport us to whole new worlds! Today’s sanity saver is all about writing your own story. Maybe one day you will have a story that everyone can find and read at the local library!  


Step 1: Print out or copy down the template attached below (note: this can be used for multiple stories or simply just once).  This will direct your child to create a story of any kind that can be acted out at home.
Step 2: Have the child fill out the sheet emphasizing imagination and creativity.
Step 3: Quickly read over the story and have the child dress up. 
Step 4:  When ready sit and watch or act in the original performance! 
Remember friends, even though our library buildings are closed right now, the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library is ALWAYS open online. You can find them here! Happy reading AND writing!

Vocabulary Words

· Setting: The location or place where a story takes place.  The setting is where everything happens!
· Plot: What happens in a story or a scene!  The plot is what is happening.
·Dialogue: The words said by characters in a story.  

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