Sanity Savers: Trail Mix

Trail Mix – a partnership with Taste of Buffalo at Home presented by Tops, this lesson is presented by the Independent Health Foundation

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This lesson gives your child the opportunity to create their very own cloud! This activity is fun for both adults and children and can provide an awesome activity that children will marvel at. While doing this activity caregivers can teach their children about clouds and how condensation and rain happens. Feel free to incorporate the vocabulary words below!


· 1 tbps Banana Chips

· ½ tbsp dark chocolate chips

· ½ tbsp sunflower seeds

· ½ tbsp 50% less sugar cranberries

· ½ tbsp pumpkin seeds

· Jar or plastic bag to mix the ingredients together


5 minutes

This healthy trail mix contains protein, natural sugars and healthy fats making this salty, sweet treat ideal for an adventure day outside! The banana chips and dried cranberries provide a naturally sweet flavor while the sunflower and pumpkin seeds give a salty, protein packed crunch. The dark chocolate chips offer a healthy fat option to balance out this healthy snack.

Follow the instructions below to mix up your trail mix!


Simply measure each ingredient and into the glass jar. Close the lid and shake to mix well!

Now that your trail mix is ready, head out to one of the many local trails to enjoy an adventure day outside and healthy treat to recharge on your hike!

You can also download your very own adventure book to take along with you on the trail!

Click here for information on WNY Hiking Trail Information.

Vocabulary Words

· Protein: a nutrient found in food (i.e. milk, eggs, nuts, seeds and meat). This nutrient is essential to healthy cell function and is considered a building block of body tissue.

· Healthy Fat: a nutrient found in food (i.e. dark chocolate, avocado and olive oil) that the body uses to build nerve tissues.

· Natural Sugar: sugars that occur naturally in foods (i.e. fruit and milk).

· Trail: a path or track, usually through a wooded area.

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