Sanity Savers: Summer Reading Bingo

By: Valerie Drapeau     
Education Coordinator


Summer Reading Bingo print out


Set up: 1 minute to print it
Activity:Work on these reading activities throughout the summer!

Academic Subject(s):


Summer isn’t over yet and kids are still looking for fun activities to stay busy!  Why not try some engaging reading activities that incorporate new scenarios for them to explore (reading under a tree, in a sleeping bag, or even a new genre that they have never tried)?  Reading is such an important foundational skill for all grade levels, so it is essential that kids invest time reading every day (if possible) over the summer.  Our Summer Reading Bingo board will provide some creative ideas to fuel your child’s love for reading! 

Sanity Savers: Summer Reading Bingo


Step 1: Print out the Explore & More Reading Bingo Template and post it in a place that is seen every day, like on the front of the refrigerator.
Step 2: Encourage your child to pick a new activity every day to try!  If the book they are reading is longer in length, they can still read the same material over the course of many days for a lot of the bingo options (like “read in a new place”, or “read in the bathtub with no water”).
Step 3 (optional): Encourage your child’s hard work by giving them a small incentive when they get bingo on the sheet.  An ice cream treat or an outing to a local park to play are great options!

Sanity Savers: Summer Reading Bingo

A goal to work on:  Finish the entire reading bingo board by the end of the summer.  Or have your child challenge a friend to see who can finish their board first! 

Vocabulary Words:

Genre: A Category of artistic composition, as in music or literature, characterized by similarities in form, style or subject matter. 
Bingo: A game in which the winner is the first person to mark off five numbers (or in this case, reading activities!) in a row or another required pattern.

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