Sanity Savers, STEM Edition: Painting with Magnets

Presented by National Grid

Written By Dan Walsh
STEM Educator

Supply ideas:

2 magnets, plastic tray, paper, smock, different colors of paint


10 minutes 

Academic Subjects:


Directions for Magnet Painting   

One of my favorite Explore & More traditions is magnet painting. This simple experiment brings a lot to the table, such as color blending and the amazing power of magnets!

1.    Set up a tray with a sheet of paper. Then put your smock on.
2.    Dab a few different colors of paint on your sheet of paper. 
3.    Have a grownup hold the tray.
4.    Place one magnet on top of the paper (Magnet A) The other magnet will go underneath the tray (Magnet B) 
5.    Using Magnet B, guide Magnet A through the paint and create your own masterpiece!!  
6.    Add new colored paint and predict what new colors will form.

Magnet Painting Vocabulary:

Magnetism– the force of attraction (pulling) or repulsion (pushing) between poles of magnets.
Poles– the ends of a magnet where the strongest magnetic force is felt.

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