Sanity Savers, STEM Edition: Cheesecloth Ghosts

Presented by National Grid

Written By Dan Walsh
STEM Educator

Thank you to our Halloween Spooktacular sponsor, Hunt Real Estate.

Hunt Real Estate

Supplies ideas:  

Cheese cloth, scissors, glue/ modge podge, construction paper, tape, cooking tray with edges 
Shapes for the ghost such as a water bottle, balloon, tin foil 


Build time: 10 minutes 

Academic Subjects:

Science & Art

Directions for Cheese Cloth Ghosts

This is a classic Halloween Tradition where you can bring a ghost home! The activity needs a pinch of patience, but the final product is extra ghastly!

  1. Create the shape for your ghost on top of a cooking sheet. Take a water bottle, place a balloon on top, then add tin foil for arms. Place your piece of cheesecloth over the frame to make sure it fits right. 
  2. Pour glue or modge podge in a large bowl or container, and then dilute the glue with water by 50 percent.  
  3. Take your cheesecloth and dip it into the glue. Ring out just a little glue, but make sure the cheesecloth is saturated.   
  4. (Make sure you build on top of the cooking tray, it will make cleaning so much easier) Pull the cheesecloth out of the bowl and place it over your ghost frame. Make sure it drapes over the entire frame.
  5. The cheesecloth will take 6-12 hours to dry. Leave somewhere safe overnight.
  6. Using construction paper, cut out eyes and a mouth. Once your ghost is dry, you can glue the eyes and mouth onto your ghost.  
  7. Bonus step: add a battery powered candle or glue stick to give the ghost an extra ghastly glow!   


Fright– a sudden feeling of fear. Dan was full of fright as he saw the cheese cloth ghost.
Cackle– a harsh sound while laughing. The witch cackled as she brewed her position.
Ghastly– resembling a ghost. The ghastly cheese cloth looked great on Halloween!

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