Sanity Savers: Spin to Spell Eggs

Sponsored by: M&T Bank

Written by: Amelia Schrader
Senior Manager of Learning and Education


Plastic Eggs that come apart
Permeant Maker  

Sanity Savers: Spin to Spell Eggs


Set up: 10 minutes
Play Time: Unlimited!  

Academic Subject(s):

This lesson supports your student’s curriculum: PKRF1, PKRF2, PKRF3, KRF1, KRF2, KRF3, 1RF2, 1RF3, 2RF3  
This lesson supports areas of Early Childhood Development and  PreK Curriculum:
· PreK Standards: Counting to tell the number of objects, demonstrate emergent phonics and word analysis skills.  

Do all those vocabulary worksheets seem overwhelming right now? Looking for a fun way to engage your child in spelling practice?
Try out these spin to spell eggs.  


Step 1: Gather your list of vocabulary or sight words that your child is working on.  

Step 2: On the larger, taller end of the egg write down common word endings or word families (i.e. –op, -an, -at, -ing etc.)

Step 3: On the smaller, shorter end of the egg write down the corresponding start of each word (i.e. for the egg ending in -op the beginning sound would be a consonant or consonant blend. 
Step 4: Snap the eggs together and ling up the beginning with the end to spell each word!   

This is a great activity to adjust to your child’s learning level. If you have a younger child that is working on capital and lower case recognition you can create a spin to match egg set that has upper case letters on one half and corresponding lower case letters on the other half! Just make sure you mix them up so you truly have to spin to match. You can also use this lesson for counting practice by adding roman numerals to one egg half and dots to the other half. The possibilities are endless!   

Egg Word List to Start Your Lesson
Word Family (-ing)- King, Sing, Fling, Wing, Bring, Spring, Thing
Word Family (-at) – Bat, Cat, Hat, Sat, Rat, That, Flat, Chat
Word Family (-op) –
Stop, Shop, Mop, Hop, Pop, Cop
Word Family (-an) – Can, Man, Tan, Fan, Pan, Ran, Van, Plan
Word Family (-ill) – Fill, Hill, Pill, Will, Chill, Drill, Grill, Skill
Word Family (-ab) – Cab, Lab, Blab, Crab, Flab, Grab, Scab

Use your child’s vocabulary list from school to make more word family eggs!  

Vocabulary Words

· Word Family: a group of words that have a common pattern or group of letters  

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