Sanity Savers: Skewer “Sandwich”

Sponsored by: Wegmans

Written by: Amelia Schrade
Senior Manager of Learning and Education  


Lunch meat
Cheese Cubes
Tomatoes (or other vegetable)
Skewer (cut in half)  

Sanity Savers: Skewer “Sandwich”


5 minutes  

April 23rd  is National Picnic Day! Hopefully it is a nice day in your neighborhood and you are able to have an outdoor picnic with your family today! Not everyone enjoys sandwiches for a picnic and they can be even more challenging for our friends that have gluten sensitivities. 
Don’t worry if it is cold or rainy in your neighborhood today! You can still enjoy this traditional activity inside! Get a blanket and set up an area on your kitchen or living room floor. Turn off electronics and unplug for an indoor picnic lunch!  
This tasty sandwich alternative is fun to prepare together and makes a great lunch for your outdoor or indoor picnic lunch!  


Sanity Savers: Skewer “Sandwich”

Step 1: Precut cheese cubes and lunch meat. If you have thicker lunch meat like me, you can cut this into different shapes. This is a great lesson for kiddos who are still learning shapes!  
Step 2: First, skewer your vegetable and push it all the way to the bottom. I used a cherry tomato but you can use whatever you have at home or your child’s favorite! Other great options are carrots and cucumber.  
Step 3: Alternate skewering cheese and meat to create a pattern on your skewer!  
Step 4: Top off your skewer with another vegetable!  Repeat these steps to create as many skewers as your family needs to enjoy their picnic! You can use different cheeses, meats and vegetables to change up the flavor!

Sanity Savers: Skewer “Sandwich”

Encourage your child to practice making new patterns or finishing a pattern you created. Even this simple lunch can be turned into a wonderful learning opportunity.  I hope you and your family enjoy this simple skewer “sandwich”! Share a photo of your family picnic on the Explore & More Facebook page!   

Vocabulary Words

Picnic: An outdoor outing that involves packing and bringing a meal, often enjoyed on a blanket
Pattern: When you repeat a design two or more times.  

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