Sanity Savers: Plastic Egg Maracas

Sponsored by: M&T Bank

Written by: Will Kawalec
Lead Play to Learn Facilitator


Plastic Easter eggs
2 plastic spoons (metal would work)
Rice or popcorn kernels or dried beans 

Sanity Savers: Plastic Egg Maracas


Set up: 2 Minutes
Activity 5-15 Minutes  

Academic Subject(s):

Art, Music, Play 

Looking for something fun and creative to do with all of those left over plastic Easter eggs? Here is a fun lesson to get your kiddos imagination soaring by creating their own musical instruments. This simple activity combines fine motor and sensorimotor skills through a blend of art and music.   


Step 1: Fill plastic Easter eggs with dried food of choice. If your eggs are like mine and have small holes on the ends, place tape over the ends on the inside of the egg before filling. I used left over rice from a sensory bin for my maraca!
Step 2: Generously tape two plastic spoons around the sides of the egg. Also take a small strip of tape and tape the ends of the spoon together.
Step 3: Decorate the tape with markers.

Step 4: Shake away! Make more than one of these maracas using different fillers. Can you compare the different sounds each makes? Use your new instruments to put on a concert for your family or follow along with some of your favorite music videos!  

Vocabulary Words

Percussion (Instrument): An instrument that makes sound by striking, shaking or scraping.
Maracas: A musical instrument of Caribbean and Latin origin that make sound by shaking.
Noisy: When something you hear is very loud.  

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