Sanity Savers: Paper Cup Popper

Written By:Valerie Drapeau     
Education Coordinator


1 9 oz. paper cup (red, white or blue)
Adult scissors
Child safe scissors
1 balloon (red, white or blue)
Pom poms (red, white or blue)
Tape or rubber band to secure the balloon 


Set up: 5 minutes to create
Activity:Endless fun for kids!

Academic Subject(s):


I’m a mom of four kids, so I like crafts that are quick to make, with not a lot of clean up. Can anyone relate?  Well then this is the perfect craft for you to work on with the kids!  The Patriotic Paper Cup Popper only takes a few minutes to make but is loads of fun to play with! 


Step 1: Choose a 9oz paper cup that is red, white or blue.  Cut out the bottom of your cup completely with child safe scissors.  Parents, you may need to help start the cut with adult scissors.
Step 2: Cut off just the tip of a balloon.  Helpful tip: Cut across the fold of the balloon, instead of along it. The fold is a weaker point in the balloon, and if you cut along it, it might tear when stretching.
Step 3: Knot the end of the balloon and stretch the open part of the balloon over the bottom of the cup.  Secure with tape or a rubber band.
Step 4: Fill the cup up with something to pop!  Pom poms are a great choice.  Confetti is fun too but will be a bit messier!
See who can pop the poms the highest and farthest!  In addition to making this in a cute patriotic style, it can also be customized with rainbow colored items like green cups, pink balloons and yellow pom poms!  The options are endless!

Vocabulary Words:

Weak point: An attribute of something that is inadequate or deficient. 

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