Sanity Savers: Olympic Games and Medal Craft

Written by: Will Kawalec
Lead Play to Learn Facilitator

At Home Olympics + Gold Medal Craft Materials

Jar top, glue, ribbon, stickers and/or permeant markers. Notebook 


Set up: 10 Minutes
Activity 20-60 Minutes  

Academic Subject(s):

Art, Physical Fitness 
This lesson supports Pre-K to Fifth Grade:
VA:Cr1NYS Physical Education Standard 1: Personal Health and Fitness    

Crafting these gold medals is only half the fun.  Parents or bigger siblings can design an at home Olympics to carry out and award.  This lesson heavily emphasizes fine motor development as well as promoting physical fitness and exercise. 


Medal Creation
Step 1: Remove and clean a jar top, should look for silver, gold, and bronze.
Step 2: Decorate the front of the jar lid, perhaps draw the Olympic rings, or draw 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, depending on the medal.
Step 3: Glue a portion of your ribbon to the back end of the jar top.  Making sure the loop is at the top. 
Step 4: Award the medals after “Olympic” events have been completed.  

Creating the Olympic Games
The more work done on planning here the more fun the games will be!
Step 1: Create a list of events that will have to be performed in these Olympics.  If there are multiple children try to choose activities that can be done by all ages. Below are some ideas for at home Olympics activities.
·        Jumping jacks can one do in 30 seconds, (variation: first to 10 jumping jacks) this can be done with sit-ups, squats etc.  
·        Who can stand on one foot the longest (how long can the child stand on one foot).
·        Catches of a ball can they make without dropping.
·        Getting dressed the fastest, time how long this takes.
·        Standing Long Jump: how far can child jump.
·        Crab walk race: set up a course and have children walk it (this can be timed).  This can also be modified for bear crawl or even walking.
·        Flexibility: who can touch their toes or touch their knees and stretch. 
You may add whatever you want to the event list, though display the list for every child to see.
It may be fun to create a board with the Olympic medal count standings.  Here you can track the who has won what event, this can be done by simply using a dry erase board, or a sheet of construction paper and marker.  

Vocabulary Words 

Olympics: A global event where people compete on behalf of countries in sporting events.  There are Summer and Winter variety each occurring every four years.  The Olympics started in ancient Greece more thank 2,700 years ago!  Though have existed in their modern capacity since 1896. 
Anthem: An important song, usually one of national relevance.  At the Olympics they play the National Anthem of the gold medal winners home country. 
Relay: To pass along from something or someone.  In the Olympics there are many events that are relays.  These events have their competitors continue the event after another athlete. 
Torch: A flame that is carried on a stick.  Every Olympics there is a torch relay that lights the Olympic flame, this lighting symbolizes the start of the Olympic Games.   

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