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Written by: Paola and Charlie
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Play Time is Unlimited! 

Charlie lives close to the museum and when its nice out we do socially distance friendly exercise to canalside and back. Sooooooo we HAVE to pass by the museum on these days and as we sail into summer, she is going to have to continue passing by her favorite place and not be allowed in.  

Charlie still doesn’t understand “WHYYYYY…..?” (I hear that a lot) and keeps asking if today is the day we can go in. It must be incredibly confusing, especially since we were there so often!  

Therefore, bringing some aspects from the museum home has been especially crucial to acclimating Charlie into her new normal daily routine. It’s much easier to say no when she has a version of her favorite Explore & More spots at home. 

Believe it or not, one of Charlie’s favorite spots at the museum is the magnetic tile table by the lockers. We were able to find some at a local toy store (supporting small business!) and now she is always building something.  “Just like museum,” she says. I also include these tiles when we do lessons on shapes, numbers or colors. She can now count out 4 yellow triangles- for example. 

You will also see pictures of our version of the museum kitchen she misses so much as well as art project ideas I learned from Mrs. Tammy & Mrs. Karen during our weekly Children’s Garden class.  

You too can create some of these special Museum experiences in your own home! For us, the magnet tiles were key to recreating Charlie’s favorite experience but think of what you and your family love most about the Museum – is it the Tinkering Tank or Art Studio where you can create for hours on end or Moving Water where you can splash and play all day? Use these fond memories to recreate a little piece of Explore & More in your own home until we can all play together again!  

Be safe! 

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Field trips are back! Please be aware that it will be busier than usual.