Sanity Savers: Make Your Own Snow Globe

Written by, Will Kawalec


Mason jar, or any upcycled glass jar with a lid
Baby oil
A figurine (can be anything that can fit inside the jar)
Hot glue or stronger (non-glue stick) glue
Optional: Foam or other plastic decorations


Prep: 5 minutes

Activity: 10-15 minutes 

Academic Subject(s): 

Art VA: CR 1.2. 1,2,3a 
VA: PR 5. 1,2,3a
This lesson supports your student’s 1st – 5th grade curriculum

This lesson supports areas of Elementary Education:

While celebrating this year’s holidays from home, there is a great opportunity to create your own holiday decorations!  This simple craft will allow you to create holiday decorations that can last for years to come! 


Prep: Heat up the hot glue gun

Step 1: Remove the lid from the jar and glue figurine to the lid, (the side that faces in)

Step 2: Decorate the lid with other materials if you would like (this is not required to complete the craft)

Step 3: Fill the empty jar with water and add a tablespoon of baby oil (amount of oil can vary depending on size of the jar) leaving some room (for the liquid displaced by the figurine)

Step 4: Put glitter into the jar, this will act as snow

Step 5: Glue around the jar lid to be sure there will be no leaking and firmly attach the lid

Your snow globe is completed put on display and showcase what you made! 

Vocabulary Word(s)

Figurine– a usually small model or design of an object. 

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