Sanity Savers, Honk for Heroes Edition: Mail Carrier Thank You

 By: Dan Walsh
STEM Educator  

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 Construction paper


Activity: 10 minutes  

Academic Subject(s):


 The United States Postal Service traces it’s roots back to 1775. Today the postal service has been going strong through all types of weather, making sure you get your mail! Today we are going to celebrate the postal service by making our own mailboxes! 


 STEP 1 Fold about an inch of both ends of a piece of blue construction paper. 

STEP 2 Flip the piece of construction paper over and decorate the other side. 

STEP 3 Create the mail flag! Trace it onto a piece of red construction paper, and then place a paper bracket through it. Attach the mail flag to the piece of blue construction paper. 

STEP 4 Glue the flaps of the mailbox down onto a separate piece of construction paper. 

STEP 5 Create mail for your mailbox!! 

Vocabulary Words

 POSTAGE: The amount required to send a letter or parcel by mail. 

STAMP: A small adhesive piece of paper stuck to something to show that an amount of money has been paid. The most valuable stamp in the United States is the Benjamin Franklin Z Grill stamp which was sold for $3,000,000 in 2007. 

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