Sanity Savers, Honk for Heroes Edition: Essential Worker Flip Book

Written By: Amelia Schrader           
Senior Manager of Learning and Education  

Download printable instructions here!


Flip Book Photo of Your Face
Glue or Tape 


Activity: 5-20 minutes  

Academic Subject(s):

English Language Arts (ELA), Social Studies and Art 

So many heroes have been working the front lines through this entire pandemic.  They are nurses and doctors, workers from grocery stores, sanitation departments and the postal service to name just a few!  This fun activity allows you to imagine yourself as a hero!  


Step 1: Attach the photo of your face to the head outline on the Flip Book. You can use glue or tape to adhere the photo to the book. Make sure you ask your grown up if you can use that photo before attaching!  
Step 2: Color each of your essential workers! What type of worker do you want to be when you grow up? Are there any other types of essential workers you can think of? 
Step 3: Flip through your book and see what you would look like as a local hero!!  

Vocabulary Words

  1. Hero – a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities
  2. Essential Worker  – an employee who’s job is essential for our community to function. These jobs include doctors, nurses, grocery store employees, farmers, teachers, firefighters and so much more! 

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