Sanity Savers: Fireworks


Black construction paper
Multiple paint colorsPaper plates or paint trays
Plastic straws or pipe cleaners


Set up: 5 Minutes
Activity 10-20 Minutes  

Academic Subject(s):

Art, Culture 

The unofficial end of summer is here. Typically, our summer months have colorful fireworks displays fill the skies. With all the changes this summer due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many of us have missed this bright tradition. We have all looked to alternative forms of entertainment including art to represent fun events from past years. With this fun art project, you can celebrate the end of summer with a beautiful work of art that will remind you of the season through the cold months to come.  


Step 1: Lay out black construction paper on a craft table or a space that you do not mind paint getting on.
Step 2: Put paint on separate plates or trays so each color has an individual space.
Step 3: Take 5-7 straws or pipe cleaners and tape them together in a bunch and spread them apart.
Step 4: Dip newly crafted tool into paint of choice and dab on black paper.
Step 5: Repeat as many times as wanted to make a sky full of fireworks!

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