Sanity Savers – Find a Truck Edition: Fire Truck Sanity Saver

Written by: Will Kawalec
Lead Play to Learn Facilitator   

Sponsored by: Dunn Tire


Juice/Milk Carton
4 bottle caps (for wheels)
4 Plastic straws
Red Paint
Construction paper

Sanity Savers - Find A Truck Edition: Fire Truck Sanity Saver


Set up: 2 Minutes
Activity 10-25 Minutes
Inactive: 20-30 minutes drying time 

Academic Subject(s):

Art, Design  


Step 1: Lay down some newspaper or old magazines for your workspace and gather all of your materials!
Step 2: Begin by removing the plastic cap of the carton. Cut out a rectangle half the length of the carton on only one side of the carton.  This will be the top of the fire truck. Paint the remaining carton RED. Grown-ups your little ones might need a little help with these steps.
Step 3: While the paint is drying, begin planning out the next steps of your fire truck – building the ladder!
Step 4: To assemble your ladder you will need your four straws. Keep two of the straws the same length, laying them out on your workspace parallel to one another.   Cut the second two straws into thirds, leaving you with 6 equal pieces. Glue the 6 pieces evenly apart between the two parallel full straws. This will create 6 steps to you ladder!
Step 5: Once your carton is completely dry, attach the ladder to the back of your fire truck.
Step 6: With glue connect the bottle caps to the side of the truck these will be the wheels.
Step 7: Now it is time to design your truck! You can add windows, icons or whatever else you can imagine! You can draw these directly on the truck or on a separate piece of paper and glue your decorations to the carton.   
Step 8: Play with the newly created truck!            

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