Sanity Savers- Find a Truck Edition: Egg Carton Dump Truck

By: Amelia Schrader
Senior Manger of Learning and Education 

Sponsored by: Dunn Tire

Printable directions are downloadable here!

Supplies ideas:

Egg Carton, wooden dowels or straws, cardboard, scissors, paint, paint brush, newspaper or scrap paper

Sanity Savers- Find a Truck Edition: Egg Carton Dump Truck


10 minute build time 30-45 minute dry time  

Academic Subjects:

This lesson supports the following standards:
ETS1.A: Defining Engineering Problems- Possible solutions to a problem are limited by available materials and resources (constraints).

Directions for Eggcellent Trucks:

There are unlimited possibilities when creating a truck out of an egg carton. For my project I chose to build a construction vehicle that can transform into a school bus.        

1.) Start by creating a truck bed. Cut along the dotted lines seen in the picture. Remove half of the top lid of the egg carton. This can be flipped over and be placed onto the egg carton to create a truck bed.   
2.) Next, make a small hole for the wheels and axels. Make the hole big enough for the straw or wooden dowel to slide through.     
3.) Create the wheel for your truck. Using a round object, trace a circle, and cut the circles out. Then paint your wheels!   
4.) Decide on a paint color for your truck, roll up your sleeves, and get painting!
5.) Once your wheels and truck dry, place your wheels on the axels.     
6.) Decorate your truck however you wish!   


Engine: Makes trucks, cars, and buses move! Engines change one type of energy such as gasoline, solar energy, and electricity and changes it into movement.
Windshield: A clear piece of glass on a car that protects the passengers from wind, rain, snow, and other types of weather! 
Bumper: A large bar that covers the front and back of a vehicle to lessen shock or damage from a collusion.  

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